Department of Environmental Engineering

Practical learning program directed toward environmental affairs

Comprehensive study in environmental sciences and a series of practical learning programs help students increase their level of sophistication. Acquired specific skills are directly applied to real environmental problems pertaining to geographical regions, the Earth as a whole, and the health of living creatures. The OIT Department of Environmental Engineering operates in two fields: regional environmental management, and environmental solutions.

Become governmental officers and environmental planners : regional environmental management course

This education program trains personnel who are skilled in making assessments, planning buildings, and implementing governmental programs in the field of regional environments and waste management. The program covers ecological systems and pollution, knowledge of which is indispensable for governmental and planning workers.

Become front-line environmental engineers: environmental solutions course

This education program trains engineers who have expertise in pollution topics such as the development, design, operation and control of pollution control devices. Special emphasis is placed on developing analytical skills that are fundamental to solving difficult problems concerning water and gas treatment, waste disposal and pollution.

Graduate Course in Environmental Engineering

From specialist to researcher

Building on the fundamental skills and knowledge gained through the 4-year university experience, the graduate course in Environmental Engineering provides graduate students with further exclusive study. The aim of the master's and doctoral courses is to train specialists who will solve crucial environmental problems, and act as innovative researchers, respectively.

Two fields: regional environmental management, and environmental solutions

The graduate course in Environmental Engineering involves two educational fields: regional environmental management, and environmental solutions. The former focuses on global environmental affairs, environmental planning, and urban environmental systems, while the latter specializes in aquatic and geochemical environmental issues, and techniques for recycling material resources.

Coupling of education and research on current issues

Up-to-date, practical issues are environmental engineering targets, and professors and graduate students naturally work together on current problems. The evolution of critical issues, which depends on social needs and conditions, is also studied.