Department of Robotics

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Education and research on the synthesis of noble robots
The concept of noble robots in this department means robots that are "human-friendly". Robotics is a multidisciplinary field that combines engineering and science. We focus education and research on these engineering and scientific subjects: mechanical engineering; electronics; control engineering; information engineering; neuroscience; brain machine interfaces and biomedical engineering. Our department aims to develop versatile engineers, creative scientists who can contribute to research and development, or production related to mechanical engineering, electronics, industrial robots, noble home-robots, and other related fields.

Graduate Course in Biomedical Engineering

This course aims to educate students who will be involved in the design and development of various products and services for robotics and human health, skilled practitioners who will use a wide range of knowledge and skills both in science and engineering fields. The course is provided in two specialized fields to develop expertise. In the robotics field, graduate students study brain science and are trained in engineering through research and development of human-friendly robots, while in the biomedical field students develop expertise through research on artificial organs, regenerative medicine and biotechnologies.

Previous thesis subjects include the following:
  • Design and assessment of a brain-machine interface
  • Development of a surgery support robot
  • Development of a life support robot system
  • Application of tissue-engineered skeletal muscles
  • Understanding of the molecular base of the neurological function causing 'pain'