Step 3. Overseas Lab-work Internship

Overseas Lab-work Internship is a program mainly for students of 3rd year and above. OIT students have a lab-work internship in a partner institution, and vice versa. Each one or two of the interns are assigned to one lab to conduct research activities with host professors. All communication is done in English. The period of the internship is about 1-4 weeks. In this program, positive influence is expected on both sides, since not only interns but also students in a host lab are able to learn from their co-working experience.

2015 Overseas Lab-work Internship Outline
Department Host Univ. Participating Univ.
[No. of Students]
Research Theme Schedule
1. Department of Robotics OIT National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT)
- July 1 - August 5
- August 6 - 31
3. Department of Applied Chemistry National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) OIT
Case Study Project Based on Chemistry August 29 - September 3