About Part-time students


Contents of the Course, and Period:

Intellectual Property Studies (Summer Intensive)

Course fee

Examination fee:

5,000 yen for examination


35,000 yen per 1 credit

(70,000 yen for 2 credits, and 70,000 yen for the subject of the Intensive course)

Tuition must be paid by bank transfer within one week from the announcement for admission.

Only one time payment will be accepted. Payment will not be returned once paid in any kind of reasons.

Evaluation and credits

Students will be given credits if his/her evaluation is good enough.


100-9089-8079-7069-6059-0Unable to evaluate

Application method

Period for application:


July 17 to 28

Reception time:

Week days 14:00~17:30 / Saturday 13:00~16:30

Application method

Application qualification (satisfy either)

  • Those who have graduated from university
  • Those on whom the degree of the bachelor or equivalent whose term of study is at least 3 years has been conferred by a university or an educational institution (A prior consultation is required)
  • Those who have complete the course of 16 years in the school education
  • Those approved by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
  • Those who are at least 22 years of age and deemed to have scholastic abilities equivalent or superior to those of university graduates through eligibility screenings by the Graduate School Committee

Submit documents for application

Submit the following documents to the office of educational affairs section(Omiya Campus 7th-Bldg 2F ).

  1. Application form
  2. CV form
  3. Bill for payment of the examination fee (5,000 yen)
  4. Postal stamps (for 430 yen)
    Note - The stamps will be used to mailing to you about the result of the examination.
  5. "Certificate for graduation" issued by the last university you graduated from.

Application method:

Based on the submitted documents.

Announcement for admission:

August 20 (scheduled)


Application & Curriculm vitae form
Application & Curriculm vitae form
Bill for payment of the examination fee
Bill for payment of the examination fee
pamphlet (Japanese)
pamphlet (Japanese)
entrance requirements list (Japanese)
entrance requirements list (Japanese)