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Graduate School of IP

Osaka Institute of Technology



Our school provides each student with a booth equipped with a desk and a chair separated by a partition plus a rocker for individual use during enrolled period. In each booth an in-house LAN and an internet can be connectable free of charge.


Our School has a special library with the IP related books, magazines and journals in Japanese and English plus CD-ROM materials and personal computers through which various commercial data-base can be accessible. This library is for an exclusive use by our students and faculty members.

Satellite Campus

OIT has a satellite campus in the center of the city which is directly connected to the Osaka Station. Equipped with seminar rooms, meeting corners and specialized library the night classes are provided in the satellite campus for the convenience of working students.



Our School sends each year two students selected to the CASRIP (Center for Advanced Study & Research on Intellectual Property) summer institute of Washington University in the U.S. directed by Professor, Toshiko Takenaka (Visiting Professor of OIT) This institute teaches the fundamentals of patent prosecution, patent litigation, and technology licensing and management, from a comparative law perspective. The necessary fees and cost are substantially borne by OIT.

Partner Universities

OIT has an academic exchange agreement in the IP area with six prominent universities in Taiwan and is actively promoting exchange activities by the students and professors with those universities. Accepting overseas students to our School’s summer IP intensive course and sending our students to those Taiwanese universities at the spring time are examples. On these occasions presentation contests in English by the students are one of the highlight events.


Our students can enjoy the opportunities to assist teaching as a research assistant(RA) to overseas students and researchers staying with us for either a week or months-long period. We accept annually a JICA program researches in the IP field to stay with us to conduct researches for several months and communication with them by RAs in English is to facilitate not only research assisting but also cross-cultural experiences.

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