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Graduate School of IP

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  Summer Intensive Course

The curriculum is designed for students who learn law and IP for the first time, and provides all the important areas of subjects for IP professionals.


The Graduate School of IP offers Summer Intensive Course described below. This course is held during the school's summer vacation. And this course is provided in English for one subject (Sep. 1-5, 2014). Course lectures are delivered by IP practioners such as attorneys at law in the USA and Japan. And this cource is open to foreign university students under MOUs as well as OIT Graduate School of IP students. This course is also provided to parttime students on an enrollment basis with tuition requiring registration for July 19 through August 2, 2014.

Advanced Study of Comparative Intellectual Property Law

This subject includes: Introduction to US Judicial System and Litigation, Introduction to US Patent System, US Patent Case Law, International IP License, and more.

Date : 2014/9/1 Mon - 2014/9/5 Fri


Introduction to Comparative Intellectual Property Law

Date School Hour Subject Lecturer
13:00-13:50 Opening Remarks and Guidance
14:00-17:00 Introduction to US Judicial System and Litigation Naoki YOSHIDA
(Attorney, U.S. Attorney)
The judicial system and litigation in US will be broadly explained. Many differences from our system, for example, the basis for tribunal decision including equity and common law, case law and jury system will be clarified.
18:00-20:00 Welcome Party
9:30-12:30 Introduction to US Patent System Hiroyuki HAGIWARA
(Patent Attorney, U.S. Attorney)
The US patent requirements, namely patentability novelty, unobviousness, disclosure, and best mode, will be given, and infringement and fraud will be referred to.
14:00-17:00 US Patent Case Law Robert Hollingshead, Akira Irie
(U.S. Attorney)
The details of the important cases in US patent law will be explained in detail.
9:30-17:00 Visit in Osaka (Fukami Patent Office etc. ) Professors of OIT
9:30-12:30 International IP License Yukihiro TERASAWA (Attorney, U.S. Attorney)
International IP License including non-typical IPRs i.e. trade secret, digital contents etc. will be discussed.
14:00-17:00 US Patent Law Reform Barry Bretschneider
(U.S. Attorney)
US Patent Law was reformed drastically. The details of the reform will be clarified.
12:30-17:00 English Presentation Competition Professors of OIT
Students will make presentations on intellectual property issues and discuss with professors and other students.
17:00-18:30 IP Expert in Asian Industrial Countries Tadashi ISHII
(Pofessor Emeritus of OIT)
The keynote speech will focus on the future of IP experts in Asian countries. The relationship between industrialization and IP experts in Asia, required ability of IP experts and education threfor will be discussed in the panell discussions with visiting professors.
18:30-20:30 Summer Course Completion Ceremony
and Farewell Party
Full Day Excursion OIT Students

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