Graduate School of Intellectual Property

Prof. Hiroshi TAKAHASHI 


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Graduate School of Intellectual Property

Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT)

5-16-1, Omiya, Asahi-ku, Osaka, 535-8585, Japan


Research Subjects

Interpretational and Legislative Efforts towards Harmonization of Technological Development and Copyright Protection

Analysis and Forecast for International Harmonization of Copyright and Related Rights


WCT/WPPT Diplomatic Conference (1996)
(Copyright Research and Information Center)
No.432 (1997), p.36
Professor, Graduate School of Intellectual Property, Osaka Institute of Technology, 2006

Professor, Center for Cooperative Research in Advanced Science and Technology, Nagoya University, 2004-2006

Official, Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, 1982-2004

First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organizations in Geneva, 1994-1997

Senior Specialist/ Section Chief, Copyright Division, Agency for Cultural Affairs, 1987-1989

Academic Degree

Commencement (1987)

MPP (Master in Public Policy), John F.Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 1987

LLB (Bachelor of Laws), University of Tokyo, 1982

Academic Society

Copyright Law Association of Japan

ALAI Japan

Intellectual Property Association of Japan

Academic Work

“A Study on Parody (Motivated by the Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union in Deckmyn v Vandersteen)," Research on Intellectual Property (OIT) No.17&18 (2016), pp.73-109 PDF

“Examinations on Theoretical and Practical Issues concerning the Right of Publicity,” Research on Intellectual Property (OIT) No.16 (2015), pp.41-72 PDF

“A Study on the Legal Protection of Databases
(Based on the Sui Generis Right of the European Union),” Research on Intellectual Property (OIT) No.13&14(2014), pp.21-53 PDF

“A Study on the Judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union in
SAS Institute Inc v World Programming Ltd ― Scope of Copyright Protection for Computer Programs, Research on Intellectual Property (OIT) No.12 (2012), pp.35-58 PDF

“A Study on the Class Action Lawsuit over the “Google Book Search”Project, ”
Research on Intellectual Property (OIT), No. 10 (2011), pp.53-73 PDF

A Study on the Mutatis Mutandis Application of “Retroactivity” of the Berne Convention (Article 18) by the TRIPS Agreement (Paragraph6 of Article 14),” Research on Intellectual Property (OIT), No.6 (2009), pp.81-98 PDF

“A Trial to Reexamine the Attribution of Authorship to a Juridical Person and Moral Rights of Authors,” Research on Intellectual Property (OIT), No.4 (2008), pp.101-122 PDF

Copyright Q&A
(Copyright Research and Information Center) (1989; Coauthor)

“An Outline of the Revision of the Copyright Act: Legislation for the Adherence to the Rome Convention on Neighboring Rights,” NBL (Commercial Law Center), Vol.430 (1989), pp.32-33

“Intellectual Property Rights in High-Tech Era: Copyright Protection for Computer Software,” Spectrum (Maruzen), Vol.2, No.2 (1989), pp.22-27

“Discussions in the Working Group on Intellectual Property Rights under the Japan-US Trade Committee,” Copyright (Copyright Research and Information Center), No.330, pp.9-14


Regular Courses

・Copyright Law

Advanced Study on Copyright Law

・Advanced Study on Comparative Trademark Law and Copyright Law

・Advanced Study on Contemporary Intellectual Property System

・Special Research for Thesis

Special Seminars

OIT Seminar on Intellectual Property

Expansive Protection of French Copyright: Intersection with Other Branches and Limits for Public Interests (Nov. 25, 2009; Osaka): Commentator

(Speakers: Dr. Yves REBOUL, Dr. Frédéric POLLAUD-DULIAN)

OIT Seminar on Intellectual Property

Current Topics on Copyright (Nov. 18, 2009 & Jun. 21, 2006; Osaka): Speaker

OIT Tokyo Forum on Intellectual Property

Copyright Protection for Computer Software (Aug. 30, 2006; Tokyo): Speaker

OIT Copyright Seminar for Senior High School Teachers, etc.

12 seminars (2006-; Osaka, Kyoto, Tokushima): Speaker

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