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program: wh_dual

Wormhole evolution in dual-null coordinate

Hisaaki Shinkai
Osaka Institute of Technology

Updated : 2007/4/19
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This code unvailed the dynamical nature of the wormhole for the first time. The model is the famous Morris-Thorne traversible wormhole which is expressed with a massless ghost Klein-Gordon scalar field.

Using the dual-null coordinate systems, the evolutions show the wormhole is unstable; immediately collapse to black-hole if the normal pulse (positive energy) is injected, while the throat expands inflationary if the additional ghost pulse (negative energy) is injected. Therefore, the results show the possibility of the maintenance of the wormhole, and predict that future future future intelligence may maintain the wormhole systems for their special purposes.

The code was written by Hisaaki Shinkai with his collaboratin with Sean Hayward in 2000-2002 when he was a visiting researcher at Pennsylvania State University, USA and a special postdoctoral researcher at RIKEN Institute, Japan.

The program is written in Fortran90, and its runs finish in a couple of minutes with PC.

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The article related to this program:
  1. Fate of the first traversible wormhole: black-hole collapse or inflationary expansion
    with S.A. Hayward
    Physical Review D 66 (2002) 044005 (9 pages)
    [abstract] [pdf]
    [gr-qc/0205041]; Refers to Cited by
    Introduced in New Scientist Journal (UK)

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