APCTP Winter School on Gravitation and Cosmology, Jan 17-18 2003, at Seoul, Korea.

Lecture by Hisa-aki Shinkai (RIKEN)

Introduction to Numerical Relativity

Updated : 2003/1/20
Lecture Plan and Download files
The Lecture page of APCTP Winter School 2008 "Formulation Problem in Numerical Relativity" , Click Here.

Lecture Plan:

Chapter 1. Subjects of and for Numerical Relativity (about 30 min)
Why Numerical Relativity?
Overview of Numerical Relativity
Gravitational Wave Physics (Why Blackholes/Neutron Stars?)
Chapter 2. The Standard Cauchy Approach (about 2 hours +)
The ADM formulation
How to construct initial data 1: Conformal approach
How to construct initial data 2: Thin-Sandwich approach
How to choose gauge conditions: slicing conditions
How to evolve the system: formulation problems
Chapter 3. Alternative Approaches (about 30 min)
Full numerical, but different foliations
Several approximations
Chapter 4. Unsolved problems (about 30 min)
Gravitational Wave Physics and related problems
Conjecture Hunting -- reported and unreported issues --

Lecture Notes and Viewgraphs:

Lecture Notes (pdf) Viewgraphs (pdf)
(removed Japanese fonts, 2003/1/20)
All in one [42 pages, 1000K] (2003/1 version)
[43 pages, 1000K] (2003/4 revised)
[not available]
Chapter 1 only [17 pages, 4200K]
Chapter 2 only [3+1/initial/gauge, 33 pages, 2000K]
[evolution part, 51 pages, 1700K]
Chapter 3 only [25 pages, 3000K]
Chapter 4 only [24 pages, 6000K]

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