APCTP Winter School on Black Hole Astrophysics 2008 , Jan 24-29 2008, at Daejeon and Pohang, Korea.

Lecture by Hisa-aki Shinkai (Osaka Institute of Technology)

Formulation Problem in Numerical Relativity

Updated : 2008/1/23
Lecture Plan and Download files
The Lecture page of APCTP Winter School 2003 "Introduction to Numerical Relativity" , Click Here.

Lecture Plan:

Chapter 1. Introduction (about 30 min)
What is the "Formulation Problem"?
Historical Review
Chapter 2. The Standard Approach to Numerical Relativity (about 30 min)
The ADM formulation
The BSSN formulation
Hyperbolic formulations
Chapter 3. Robust system for Constraint Violation (about 45 min)
Adjusted systems
Adjusted ADM systems
Adjusted BSSN systems
Chapter 4. Outlook (about 10 min)

Lecture Notes and Viewgraphs:

Lecture Notes
Viewgraphs (pdf)
(the final version)
All in one Available as [arXiv:0805.0068] [not available]
Chapter 1 & 2 [86 pages, 5.6M]
Chapter 3 & 4 [76 pages, 4.3M]

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