Several kinds of electric thrusters in space have been studied at Advanced Rocket Laboratory, Osaka Institute of Technology.

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Update 01/09/2015

1) Overview of Electric Propulsion and Nano-Satellite R&D at Advanced Rocket Laboratory. Quick here!

2) Hall Thruster R&D

3) Magneto-Plasma-Dynamic (MPD) Arcjet Thruster R&D
Basic Research
Final Radiation-Cooled Thruster Design

4) Direct-Current (DC) Arcjet Thruster R&D
Green-Propellant HAN Use

Water Use
Water Propellant EP System

High-Power Arcjet

5) Pulsed Plasma Thruster (PPT) R&D

Electrothermal PPT Performance
PPT Flowfield Calculation
PPT System onboard Nano-Satellite

6) Nano-Satellites R&D Project

Osaka-Institute-of-Technology (OIT) PROITERES Satellites Series

Dream Sat

7) Chemical Rocket R&D Project. Quick here!

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