Department of System Design

Department of System Design

Nurturing human resources capable of designing comprehensive systems that link humans and robots together from the viewpoint of the user. Allows students to garner a deep understanding of design concepts based on electronics and electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and information engineering through practice and experimentation. Having acquired these skills, the students will then take part in research targeting innovation in such areas as wearable devices and lifestyle assistance devices.

Point of learning

Manufacturing Utilizing IoT Technology
Students will be provided with experience in a wide range of problem-solving manufacturing projects. They will learn the enjoyment involved in turning creative ideas (innovations) acquired during the projects into manufacturing targets while making the best possible use of IoT technology.

Design Concepts: Thorough Education in Engineering Centered Around Humanity
A new style of engineering education that places the emphasis on analyzing history (history of technology) and social movements, and well as using IoT and AI, etc., to forecast future societal trends in order to strengthen an understanding of the targets of research and what sort of social environments that research can best be used in.

Nurturing Active Human Resources Through Links Between Industry and Academia, and Overseas Studies
Aiming at nurturing active human resources capable of creating new industries through entrepreneurship by bringing out their leadership qualities in corporate environments via exposure to actual social problems in collaborative projects with companies and experience during projects implemented together with overseas universities.