Outline and Features

Graduate School and Faculty of Robotics and Design

Engineers nowadays are expected to specialize in multiple disciplines.
Our graduate courses aim at providing integrated studies provided by specialists in the fields of robotics, system design, architectural design and product design.
The faculty enables students to learn how to become experts in varying fields by enhancing the knowledge and experience that they have.

The Graduate School of Robotics and Design offers these three courses:

  1. Robotics
  2. System Design
  3. Architectural Design / Product Design

Robotics Course aims to:

Robotics Course
  • Contribute to society by research & development of service robots
  • Extend future possibilities by researching and developing robotic component technology
  • Provide hands-on education based on field work aiming at the social implementation of robots

System Design Course aims to:

System Design Course
  • Promote research & development from the viewpoint of system design
  • Nurture engineers who lead the IoT era
  • Help students cultivate multifaceted sense of design

Architectural Design / Product Design Course aims to:

Architectural Design / Product Design Course
  • Educate creative professionals who have a wide social vision crossing several design areas such as product, interior, and architectural designs, while as an expert in each area.
  • Educate professionals who are familiar with technology and pursue innovative designs beyond established concepts.
  • Offer to acquire the qualification for the Japanese licensed architect.