Tatsuya TSUKAMOTO Department of Mathematics
Osaka Institute of Technology
Asahi, Osaka 535-8585, Japan
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Research Papers

21   Simple-ribbon fusions on non-split links   J. Knot Theory Ramifications   (2017)   1741005 (15 pages) with K.Kishimoto, T.Shibuya
20   Simple ribbon fusions and genera of links   J. Math. Soc. Japan   (2016)   1033-1045 with K.Kishimoto, T.Shibuya
19   Simple ribbon moves and primeness of knots   Tokyo Journal of Mathematics   (2013)   147-161 with T.Shibuya
18   Simple ribbon moves for links   Osaka Journal of Mathematics   (2014)   545-571 with K.Kobayashi, T.Shibuya
17   On non-self local moves   J. Knot Theory Ramifications   (2012)   1250055 (9 pages)   with Y.Nakanishi, T.Shibuya, A.Yasuhara
16   Self delta-equivalence of algebraically split links   Mem. Osaka Inst. Tech. Ser. A   (2011)   no.1 25-31   with T.Shibuya
15   On attendant graph of simple ribbon moves for links   Mem. Osaka Inst. Tech. Ser. A   (2011)   no.1 19-23   with T.Shibuya
14   Self pass-equivalence of Z2-algebraically split links   Mem. Osaka Inst. Tech. Ser. A   (2010)   no.1 25-28   with T.Shibuya
13   Homotopy, Delta-equivalence and concordance for knots in the complement of a trivial link   Topology Appl.   (2010)   1215-1227   with T.Fleming, T.Shibuya, and A.Yasuhara
12   Self delta-equivalence of links obtained by product fusions   Mem. Osaka Inst. Tech. Ser. A   (2009)   no.2 1-8   with T.Shibuya
11   Free self delta-triviality of delta-split links   J. Knot Theory Ramifications   (2009)   1539-1549   with Y.Nakanishi and T.Shibuya
10   The almost alternating diagrams of the trivial knot   J. Topology   (2009)   77-104  
09   A factorization of the Conway polynomial and covering linkage invariants   J. Knot Theory Ramifications   (2007)   631-640   with A.Yasuhara
08   A criterion for almost alternating links to be non-splittable   Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc.   (2004)   109-133  
07   The fourth skein module and the Montesinos-Nakanishi conjecture for 3-algebraic links     J. Knot Theory Ramifications    (2001)   959-982   with J.H.Przytycki
06   Clasp-pass move and Vassiliev invariant of type three for knots   Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.   (2000)   1859-1867  
05   On Habiro's C_n-moves and Vassiliev invariants   J. Knot Theory Ramifications   (1999)   15-26   with Y.Ohyama
04   Any knot is inevitable in a regular projection of a planar graph   J. Combin. Theory, Ser. B   (1998)   161-180  
03*   A note on triviality and splittability of almost alternating links   Proceedings of the Fifth KJSKL   (1997)   327-339  
02   Note on spatial graphs with good drawings   Proceedings of Knots 96   (1997)   91-98   with S.Negami
01   Knot-inevitable projections of planar graphs   J. Knot Theory Ramifications   (1996)   877-883   with K.Taniyama
(papers with * are not refereed)