Tatsuya TSUKAMOTO Department of Mathematics
Osaka Institute of Technology
Asahi, Osaka 535-8585, Japan
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Research Papers

29   On pretzel links which are concordant to the trivial link   J. Knot Theory Ramifications   (2023)   2350083 (14 pages) with Y.Nakanishi, T.Shibuya
28   Characterizations of pretzel knots which are simple-ribbon   J. Math. Soc. Japan   (2023)   1431--1447 with T. Shibuya, Y. Uchida, T. Ishikawa
27   Alexander polynomials of simple-ribbon knots   Osaka Journal of Mathematics   (2021)   41-57 with K.Kishimoto, T.Shibuya, T.Ishikawa
26   Simple-ribbon fusions and primeness of links   Mem. Osaka Inst. Tech.   (2020)   43-50 with T.Shibuya
25   Sliceness of alternating pretzel knots and links   Topology Appl.   (2020)   107317 with K.Kishimoto, T.Shibuya
24   Simple-ribbon concordance of knots   Kobe Journal of Mathematics   (2020)   1-17 with K.Kishimoto, T.Shibuya
23   Simple-ribbon fusions and primeness of knots   J. Knot Theory Ramifications   (2018)   1850057 (11 pages) with K.Kishimoto, T.Shibuya
22   A note on the slice-ribbon conjecture and simple-ribbon fusions   Mem. Osaka Inst. Tech.   (2018)   7-13 with T.Shibuya
21   Simple-ribbon fusions on non-split links   J. Knot Theory Ramifications   (2017)   1741005 (15 pages) with K.Kishimoto, T.Shibuya
20   Simple ribbon fusions and genera of links   J. Math. Soc. Japan   (2016)   1033-1045 with K.Kishimoto, T.Shibuya
19   Simple ribbon moves for links   Osaka Journal of Mathematics   (2014)   545-571 with K.Kobayashi, T.Shibuya
18   Simple ribbon moves and primeness of knots   Tokyo Journal of Mathematics   (2013)   147-161 with T.Shibuya
17   On non-self local moves   J. Knot Theory Ramifications   (2012)   1250055 (9 pages)   with Y.Nakanishi, T.Shibuya, A.Yasuhara
16   Self delta-equivalence of algebraically split links   Mem. Osaka Inst. Tech. Ser. A   (2011)   no.1 25-31   with T.Shibuya
15   On attendant graph of simple ribbon moves for links   Mem. Osaka Inst. Tech. Ser. A   (2011)   no.1 19-23   with T.Shibuya
14   Self pass-equivalence of Z2-algebraically split links   Mem. Osaka Inst. Tech. Ser. A   (2010)   no.1 25-28   with T.Shibuya
13   Homotopy, Delta-equivalence and concordance for knots in the complement of a trivial link   Topology Appl.   (2010)   1215-1227   with T.Fleming, T.Shibuya, A.Yasuhara
12   Self delta-equivalence of links obtained by product fusions   Mem. Osaka Inst. Tech. Ser. A   (2009)   no.2 1-8   with T.Shibuya
11   Free self delta-triviality of delta-split links   J. Knot Theory Ramifications   (2009)   1539-1549   with Y.Nakanishi, T.Shibuya
10   The almost alternating diagrams of the trivial knot   J. Topology   (2009)   77-104  
09   A factorization of the Conway polynomial and covering linkage invariants   J. Knot Theory Ramifications   (2007)   631-640   with A.Yasuhara
08   A criterion for almost alternating links to be non-splittable   Math. Proc. Cambridge Philos. Soc.   (2004)   109-133  
07   The fourth skein module and the Montesinos-Nakanishi conjecture for 3-algebraic links     J. Knot Theory Ramifications    (2001)   959-982   with J.H.Przytycki
06   Clasp-pass move and Vassiliev invariant of type three for knots   Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.   (2000)   1859-1867  
05   On Habiro's C_n-moves and Vassiliev invariants   J. Knot Theory Ramifications   (1999)   15-26   with Y.Ohyama
04   Any knot is inevitable in a regular projection of a planar graph   J. Combin. Theory, Ser. B   (1998)   161-180  
03*   A note on triviality and splittability of almost alternating links   Proceedings of the Fifth KJSKL   (1997)   327-339  
02   Note on spatial graphs with good drawings   Proceedings of Knots 96   (1997)   91-98   with S.Negami
01   Knot-inevitable projections of planar graphs   J. Knot Theory Ramifications   (1996)   877-883   with K.Taniyama
(papers with * are not refereed)