Message from the Center Director

  2. Message from the Center Director

What is Robotics & Design?

Center Director, Yukio Honda

Some people might wonder why we chose this name for our research center.
Japan is at present aging rapidly as a society and facing many social issues as a result. To resolve such issues will require innovation that is not constricted by old ways of doing things. The famous economist Joseph Alois Schumpeter, born at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, defined innovation as “new combinations.”

We felt that innovation to solve society's problems would emerge through a collaboration between different fields. So, first we thought to combine robots and design to creare innovation.

That is how the name was chosen—Robotics & Design Center (RDC).

One might ask what kind of innovations might emerge from the combination of robots and design. Or even why we chose to combine robots and design in the first place.

The answer cannot be explained easily in words. It requires a physical experience. That is why we invite you to come to RDC on the OIT Umeda campus—to see for yourselves what kind of innovations are now on the verge of materializing in robotics and design.

We warmly await your visit to RDC