Introduction of Autumn Enrollment


As of April 2014, OIT introduced the autumn (September) enrollment program for the Graduate School of Intellectual Property. This program is mainly for working students inside and outside Japan, and all the lectures will be taught in Japanese. Required ability for Japanese language for the foreign students will be N2 (hopefully N1). The contents of the program will be in principle the same as the normal program of the spring enrollment, but with the possible specific treatment to meet the requirements of each student.

This program will be recommended to;

the persons belonging to companies or law/patent firms and have the certain level of working experience as well as the basic knowledge about general laws and/or Intellectual Property laws, wishing to develop their career by getting master degree of the professional IP course.

Invitation to study intellectual properties at OIT (in Japanese)

2020 schedule for the entrance examination for the program:

Application period:Monday June 15 to Monday June 22.
Examination:Saturday July 4.
Announcement for the
result of the examination:
Thursday July 16.
Period for enrollment
Friday July 17 to Monday July 27.
Entrance ceremony:Mid-September 2020.

Application forms are available at the following page:

Tuition at the entrance:

Entrance fee Tuition Other dues Total
200,000 yen 615,000 yen ※ ca. 60,000 yen 875,000 yen

Tuition for the second semester and on 675,000 yen.

Study period:

Normally two years.