Graduate School of IP Osaka Institute of Technology

About School

The OIT Graduate School of Intellectual Property (IP Professional Master Course) was established in April 2005 and aims to educate new professionals in the IP field. Its faculty consists of real IP experts, who have been very active at the forefront of the IP field with deep experiences working for major governmental and industrial organizations such as JPO, METI, and MEXT, and major private companies.



  • Education of IP professionals with advanced skills
  • Strong support for acquiring national qualifications for a Benrishi and other qualifications
  • Collaboration with industries for internship
  • Opportunities for global collaborations(CASRIP, JICA, Study Abroad Programs)
  • The Curriculum for working students


  • 2013 Certified Evaluation and Accreditation Acquired
    In 2013 our School has obtained the certified evaluation and accreditation by the Japanese University Accreditation Association. We have obtained the accreditation five years ago and then in the last year we have successfully acquired the accreditation for the second time for another five years. Under the rule of the professional school in Japan it is required to acquire the accreditation by an authorized accreditation organization for each five-year term.
  • Other Topics