2019 Intensive Courses on Intellectual Property for non-Japanese-speaking Students

Contents of the Course, and Period:

The Graduate School of Intellectual Property of the OIT provides IP-related Intensive Courses in English for non-Japanese-speaking students. The outlines of the 4 Courses scheduled in 2019 are as follows:

Course Descriptions:

Course TitlesContentsTime / Period
Intellectual Property Studies I Basics of Japanese Legal System, Basics of Japanese IP laws, Japanese Patent Law, Japanese Design Law, Japanese Trademark Law, Japanese Copyright Law, Protection of Trade Secrets & Unfair Competition Prevention Law in Japan, Introduction to Asian IP Laws etc., 5 weeks starting early May (15 classes x 90 minutes)
Intellectual Property Studies II Basics of IP and Business, IP and Economics, Evaluation of IP, Patent Information Search, Patent Practices in Japan, Trademark Practices in Japan, IP License and Contracts, Risk Assessments of Patents, Anti-counterfeiting Measures, International IP Issues, etc. 5 weeks starting mid-June (15 classes x 90 minutes)
Intellectual Property Studies (Summer Intensive) Introduction to US Judicial System, Introduction to US Patent Law, IP Strategy of Japanese Companies, Introduction to Japanese Patent Law, Patent Prosecution Practice, Patent Claim Drafting Practice, International IP License, Presentation Contest by participants, etc. 1-week intensive course in the last week of August (22.5 hours)
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IP Studies (Summer Intensive)
Intellectual Property Studies III IP Strategies, Industry-Academia Collaboration, Technical Standard and IP, IP Management, IP-related Industrial Associations, IP-related Policies of Japanese Government, IP Activities of Japanese companies, etc. 5 weeks starting late September (15 classes x 90 minutes)


  • Experienced professors of the Graduate School of IP of the OIT and other universities.
  • Lawyers and other IP experts from industry, including US attorneys and Japanese patent attorneys.

Expected Participants:

  • Trainees from Asian countries who are sponsored by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) in the WIPO-OIT Training Program.
  • Trainees from Mexico and other South American countries who study at the OIT in the program of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Association).
  • Exchange students from the partner schools of the OIT.
  • Trainees and researchers from Asian countries who are sponsored by their governments.
  • Self-sponsored IP students from China, Taiwan and other Asian countries.
  • Japanese and non-Japanese students enrolled in Graduate School of IP of the OIT.

Accreditation depending on the status of participant:

  • Upon the completion of the course with a sufficient result of report or examination, 2 academic credits for each course are awarded to a full-time or part-time student who is enrolled in the OIT and a student with a special arrangement such as Partnership Agreement between universities.
  • To other-types of participants, a Certificate of Completion with no academic credits is awarded for each course when s/he attends the course with more than 80% attendance rate.
  • A participant who wishes to enroll in the OIT as a part-time student to earn academic credits for the course is required to make a special procedure for part-time enrollment.

Course Fees:

  • JP\ 70,000 (About US$ 660) for each course.
  • Full-time students of the OIT and participants with special arrangements are exempted from the payment.


  • Rooms of the college dormitory may be available for the participants of the course.
  • Accommodation fee is dependent on the status of the participants. Students of the partner schools and other participants with special arrangements may be given a favorable rates.

More Information: