Discovering the inner workings of state-of-the-art hardware
- the brains of information equipment

Department of Computer Science

At the Department of Information and Computer Science, students learn about computer functions and techniques for designing cutting-edge hardware, such as LSI (Large-Scale Integrated circuits), which serve as the brain for all kinds of information equipment, and study digital circuit application technology and processor design.

High-performance embedded systems assure greater safety

Department of Information and Computer Science

Mobile phones, automobiles, housing equipment - computers are now in nearly every industrial product available, and they determine the performance of these products. Students learn how such embedded systems work, from the most basic principles to the complexities of various applications.

Leveraging computer science knowledge to build a variety of useful systems

Department of Information and Computer Science

Assuming a perspective that includes the design and development of education support software, students also study software technologies, such as algorithms(procedures), databases, and programming, which serve as the foundation for building productive systems.