1. We educate IT engineers who create future society

Department of Computer Science

Devices utilizing IT technology (such as smartphones and smart home appliances) and systems (such as medical and education systems) are widely supporting our society, and have become indispensable. Aging societies, such as Japan, require IT devices and information systems, which perform intelligent tasks in place of humans. In order to educate IT engineers who can respond to such changes in social needs, our department teaches how to develop and utilize artificial intelligence (AI), as well as conventional software programming. We will also provide a well-balanced instruction in terms of software and hardware.

2. Wide variety of job opportunities

Department of Information and Computer Science

In our department, since you learn how to develop and utilize AI and computer hardware, in addition to conventional software programming, you will be an IT engineer with higher value among the rapidly increasing IT engineers. Therefore, graduates are expected to play active roles in fields of their own interest (home appliances, vehicles, medical systems, educational systems, etc.).

3. Our cutting-edge research improves your ability

Department of Information and Computer Science

Students in the third grade choose and join a particular laboratory, where they engage in cutting-edge research. In this department, you can learn technologies related to AI required in the future society through the research. In addition, since this faculty also has a graduate school, you can go on to a higher level of research even after completing the fourth grade of the undergraduate program, aiming to become an extremely high-level engineer.