Message from the President

MASUYAMA Araki, Ph.D. (Eng.)

Producing Consummate Professionals with Good All-Around Sensibilities

I would venture to say that the future of Japan, a country poor in energy resources and not very high in food self-sufficiency, depends on the training of its people to be leaders of cutting-edge manufacturing, who can navigate the evolving information networks of society, and who are able to maintain intellectual property. Having marked the 70th anniversary of the Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT) last year, we can be proud that OIT has fulfilled such a fostering role throughout its history. Our founding spirit is still alive today, providing the basis for the education and research opportunities we offer: “For the good of the world, humanity, and the region, we shall train people in practical engineering skills backed by theory to be capable of working effectively in the field and on the floor.” Especially in recent years, we have been working hard through new school-wide efforts to further the excellence of our education and research.

Specifically, in the 2016 academic year OIT became the only private university in the Kansai region to be selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s “Acceleration Program for University Education Rebuilding” for our quality assurance initiatives aimed at student learning outcomes upon graduation. Our faculty and staff have been able to expand support for students through their university life and set up systems that assure the quality of OIT graduates to meet society’s needs, in collaboration with external organizations. These educational excellence initiatives also provide guideposts to students to help them realize their dreams and achieve their goals. In 2019, OIT was ranked third in the Graduate Employability Rankings of 240 Universities in Japan (Daigaku Tsushin, Inc.), with 97.4% of graduates hired.

Regarding the school’s research excellence initiatives, our Osaka Industrial Technology Platform (OIT-P) was selected by the education ministry as a “2017 Academic Year Private University Research Branding Project in the Social Development Category (Type A).” Research content in OIT’s areas of strength, including nanomaterials, robotics and design, and intellectual property, was shared with manufacturing companies based in Osaka through our Umeda, Omiya, and Hirakata campuses, in collaboration with the Osaka Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology and the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Additionally, at Innovation Japan, a university trade fair held every summer in Tokyo, for the second year running, we had many research projects from the university picked up for exhibitions, clearly showing to the public the high level of research we have going on at OIT.

All of these initiatives are aimed at living up to our university’s educational ideals “to meet the demands of society and the times we live in, providing an opportunity to acquire the basics of technical scholarship and the ability to apply that learning in practical ways, as well as to cultivate broad perspectives and human sensibilities, and raise engineers who are strong in mind and body, who pursue intellectual and technical avenues with creativity and a pioneering spirit.” As we enter an age in which the future will be even harder to predict, we will continue to pursue forward-looking reforms in our educational and research systems to produce engineers who have learning in both humanities and sciences so that they become consummate professionals with good all-around sensibilities. Thank you for your continued support in these endeavors.

April 2020