Message from the President

Yasushi Nishimura, Ph.D.(Eng.)
President of Osaka Institute of Technology

At the Osaka Institute of Technology, our mission is to develop specialists with science-based practical skills who play an important role in society - for the world, for the people and for the community.
Since OIT was founded more than 90 years ago, we have consistently striven to meet society's need for talented workers through thorough practical education, project-based learning, and partnerships with the wider academic and industrial community. We are proud of our contribution to Japan's social fabric and industrial advancement. Indeed, we see this as a tradition that must be passed down from generation to generation.

In addition to the Faculties of Engineering, Information Science and Technology, and Intellectual Property, we have established a new undergraduate department in April 2017, the Faculty of Robotics and Design Engineering. The new department will cover robotics from multiple perspectives, including artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, as well as spatial and product design. As a result of this comprehensive approach, we aim to produce talented graduates able to help society achieve the advances necessary to make robots an integral part of our everyday lives.
The Faculty of Robotics and Design Engineering is based at our Umeda Campus, which is housed in a 21-storey building with 2 basement floors, to be called OIT Umeda Tower, located in Chayamachi, the focal point of Osaka's hustle and bustle. It will be the very model of a modern urban university campus, and the ideal environment for nurturing young engineers with talent, innovation, and a focus on making people's daily lives better.

Meanwhile, we are also planning to redevelop the Omiya Campus, which houses the Faculties of Engineering and Intellectual Property. The redevelopment is designed to implement gradual improvements that bring out the best in those departments and combine their unique strengths into something greater than the sum of their parts.
In an increasingly complex age, I believe the world needs a workforce with a balance of specialized expertise and the ability to innovate through cooperation. To that end, we at OIT have a number of overarching policies in place, including project-based learning, in which all engineering students undertake systematic, interdisciplinary study of the sciences starting in their first year. Moreover, the revamp of the Graduate School of Engineering planned for the 2017 academic year will ensure that students can broaden their creative and vocational horizons through interaction with neighboring fields of study and rubbing shoulders with colleagues in different areas of research - all without compromising their opportunities to take advantage of the school's traditionally high level of specialist knowledge and technology.
Indeed, the redevelopment of the Omiya Campus is not intended simply to benefit individual departments, but instead designed to promote greater fusion of all OIT’s academic departments as part of their activities.

Our mission, as outlined at the beginning of this message, must remain the rock-solid foundation that connects students, educators, and stakeholders; the past, the present, and the future; as well as Japan and the rest of the world. Although attitudes and approaches may - and should - change with the times, it is only proper that we respect the history and traditions of those who made the Osaka Institute of Technology what it is today. As incoming president, I look forward to your ongoing support for our efforts to achieve OIT’s mission in a way appropriate for the present day.

April 2017