Outline and Features

The Master's and Doctoral Programs of the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology were launched in 2000 and 2002, respectively. Both programs offer a course in Information Science and Technology.

Master's Program

Our goal is to develop internationally active advanced engineers and professionals who have advanced vocational skills. This goal will be achieved by providing students with opportunities to acquire the skills necessary to perform highly specialized tasks, in addition to the scholarly knowledge that serves as their foundation.

The program offers education and research opportunities across specialist fields such as computer engineering, software, information systems, information media, and communications networks, as well as the basic field of information.

To develop advanced software engineers and successful project managers, practical education and internship opportunities involving the creation of large-scale cloud computing systems are encouraged via the “Cloud Spiral Program Initiative for Reality-based Advanced Learning.” This is a joint education project carried out with other universities and private enterprises.

Doctoral Program

Research and educational goals

Our goals are to produce skilled researchers who will be active on the frontlines of science. We provide further academic opportunities for these already working to become further professionals possessing advanced vocational skills.

The program offers education and research opportunities in the three specialist fields of computer engineering and software, recognition and information media, and information systems and communications networks.