<Left> Kim Byeong  Gwan
<Left> Kim Byeong Gwan

On April 1, 2013, 10 exchange students from Daejeon University (DJU, South Korea), one of our overseas partners, came and began their studies. Kim Byeong Gwan, a 4th year student in the Department of Environmental Engineering of DJU, will learn environmental technology in Japan under Dr. Ishikawa in the Department of Environmental Engineering at OIT until the end of February next year.

He served as a student-support volunteer for OIT students who participated in the short-term training programs last summer. He was happy to see our students again.
On April 2, he met Professor Nishimura, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, who extended a warm welcome and encouraged him.

In addition, 9 DJU students who major in Japanese language, literature and culture, started their studies at Setsunan University (one of our sister universities).