Poster of International Workshop on BME in 2014
Poster of International Workshop on BME in 2014

OIT initiated an annual international workshop in 2011 to enhance the collaboration with overseas institutions by exchanging advanced research results. A different thematic area has been selected for each year. In 2011, "The International Workshop on Advanced Materials and Devices" was organized by Nanomaterials Microdevices Research Center of OIT. The following year, "OIT International Workshop" was organized by the Structure Research Center, and focuses on Front Research and Technology in Structural Engineering. Last year, OIT International Workshop was organized by the Department of Robotics, and focuses on "Human Friendly Robotics".
This year, "The International Workshop on Biomedical Engineering at OIT" will be organized by the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME). This workshop aims to make opportunities for researchers and engineers to exchange their knowledge and to discuss issues regarding recent research developments and technologies in medical engineering, bioengineering, and biological science. It is also expected to deepen the friendship among the participants including the invited 15 speakers from institutions in USA, Germany, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.
Educational aspect is also relevant for this workshop, so our undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to participate and discuss their research topics with the invited researchers. For this purpose, the invited lecturers who have presentations in the oral session are kindly asked to discuss details with the audiences in the following poster session. We appreciate for their extra efforts.
We hope you all enjoy participating in this workshop, exchanging information and knowledge, and deepening the friendship both professionally and privately.

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Those who intend to participate in this workshop, please send the following information to the International Center by e-mail. No registration fee is required for the participation.

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・ Contact person and address

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If you wish to present some topics in the workshop including the poster session, please contact the Organizing Committee.

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