OIT graduates will gain practical knowledge and skills required by industry and society. We provide a training ground for professionals to take up pioneering challenges in the frontiers of knowledge and technology.

OIT seeks students who aspire to apply the skills and knowledge they acquire to play successful roles in society - students with motivation and passion to achieve their goals.

OIT seeks students for admission who are:
  1. Interested in domains of science, engineering, and intellectual property.
  2. Fond of creating objects or new systems.
  3. Keen to develop their abilities in areas of their strength and apply them to make contributions to society.
  4. Capable of exploiting their own potential and take on tasks with motivation and passion.
  5. Able to understand the nature of local communities and society and can make contributions to their development.

Each faculty, department, and graduate school sets its own admission policy shown in the following pages in Japanese: