Supplemental Programs

There are a few Japanese language courses provided for international students to succeed in their regular courses given in Japanese.
Exchange students from our partner universities may also be able to attend these courses and learn Japanese during their exchange program. (JLPT N2 Level Required)

There are also courses to learn Japanese culture for international students.

OIT is participating in JV-Campus, hosted by Japan Forum for Internationalization of Universities (JFIU), where participating institutions are providing online academic courses and programs for free or with charge. They are also available for the international students and exchange students of OIT.

Financial Support

Several kinds of financial support, for example, grants scholarships, tuition reduction and tuition exemption are available for privately-financed international students who have financial difficulties and are expected to complete their undergraduate or graduate regular courses.

At Omiya Campus:
Office of Student Welfare (Omiya Campus Building 7, 2F)
Phone: +81-6-6954-4069
At Umeda Campus:
Office of Faculty of Robotics and Design (Umeda Campus OIT Umeda Tower 7F)
Phone: +81-6-6147-6830
At Hirakata Campus:
Office of Faculty of Information Science and Technology (Hirakata Campus Building 1, 1F)
Phone: +81-72-866-5301


Each campus has professors in charge of consultation with international students.

Clubs Organizations

There are on-campus club organizations for international students and to support them.

International students who have just started their studies in Japan may have some worries and concerns due to the change in their environment. Join International Student Organization where members give you advice based on their own experiences.

Student volunteers from International Friendship Club and E.S.S. (English Speaking Society) will help the exchange students with their living in Osaka. The student volunteers will accompany the exchange students to the campus on their first day of commute, introduce them to their supervisor, join excursion events held by the International Center, etc.

*The linked pages are in Japanese.


Office of Student Welfare provides various kinds of activities for international students, such as parties, events and excursions.

Welcome Party for International Students Field Trip

International Center also holds some excursion events to provide the exchange students with opportunities to learn Japanese cultures and make friends. In 2019, we held two excursions, one to Kyoto and the other to Cupnoodles Museum in Ikeda City, Osaka.

Field Trip 1 Field Trip 2

*Most of events were canceled in 2020-2021 due to COVID-19 pandemic.

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