Osaka Institute of Technology, which celebrated its 100th anniversary on October 30, 2022, will implement measures for global expansion based on the following policies toward "J-Vision 37," the school's basic vision through FY2037 and the first step toward the next 100 years. [Figure 1]

  1. Promotion of international collaboration in sustainable development by expanding educational programs and realizing the synergistic benefits of research exchange.
  2. Increase the global awareness of students, faculty, and staff by creating a campus environment that enhances and supports cultural diversity.
  3. Actively share the benefits of the globalization project with OIT’s regional and international community.
Figure 1: Three policies and axes for globalization

1. Expansion of educational programs to cultivate students' international mindset

  1. Development of education to foster professionals who can respond to an increasingly globalized society.
  2. Expansion of opportunities to cultivate internationality through the enhancement of diverse international education opportunities, including international exchange and collaboration programs (mobility programs) [Figure 2] and online utilization.
  3. Enhance the Language Learning Center (LLC) and expand opportunities to improve language skills.
  4. Figure 2: OIT Study Abroad Programs

    2. Activation of research exchange with overseas institutions

  5. Build a global network and promote joint research and human exchange through collaboration with overseas educational and research institutions, companies, and regions.
  6. Develop communication strategies to best present OIT’s research activities and outcomes to international stakeholders.
  7. Activate acceptance of international students (including non-degree students).
  8. 3. Creation of a campus environment where diverse cultures can coexist

  9. Under the leadership of the President, departments concerned will collaborate to create an environment that promotes internationalization of the campus in consideration of diversity.
  10. Promote Faculty Development (FD) and Staff Development (SD) for internationalization of faculty and staff.
  11. 4. Means to pass on globalization/glocalization benefits to the community

  12. Share various issues with domestic and international partners to promote University Social Responsibility (USR) and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  13. Provide learning opportunities such as lectures, seminars, science experiments and craft making to local communities around the world, including online events.