Message from Director of International Center

Director of International Center
Masahiro MURAOKA
Director of International Center, Ph.D, Professor

OIT welcomes you with open arms.

We have a long and enduring tradition of international education. OIT attracts international students from the world in pursuit of engineering and scientific excellence as well as innovative intellectual property. Our commitment to international education will continue and we welcome your spirit of inquiry, creativity, and cultural diversity to our campus every year. We hope that you find a home on campus or on research laboratory. We hope to provide you with Japan immigration and intercultural support throughout your affiliation with OIT. See you soon in the wonderful city of Osaka.

About Us

For OIT to thrive in a globalized age, we have the International Center (Kokusai Kouryu Center) to promote international exchange. Our main duties are to coordinate the acceptance of exchange students and trainees from our partner institutions overseas and to send our students to study overseas. We also provide candidates a variety of information necessary for studying in Japan and assist daily lives during their stay.

From AY2023, International Center administers Language Learning Center (LLC) to foster a community of English language learners at Osaka Institute of Technology. International Center is collaborating with LLC to offer the best preparation for participants of our study abroad programs.

Office Hour / Location / Mailing Address

Office of International Center

Office Hour

  • Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 17:00
  • Saturday: Available by appointment or email to
  • Sunday and Holidays: Closed


Mailing Address

  • Osaka Institute of Technology
    International Center
    5-16-1 Omiya, Asahi-ku, Osaka, 535-8585 Japan
    Tel: +81-6-6954-4935



To contact staff members of International Center, please email to

2023 International Center Staff Members
(LAST NAME, First Name)
Title Duties / Area to Cover Profile Picture
  • Overall Control of All International Affairs
  • New Programs
  • Cross-sectional Project
  • Staff Development, etc.

Atsushi NITTA SC
  • International PBL
  • Student Exchange Program (Southeast Asia)
  • Overseas Research Experience Program
  • Administrator of International Affairs Comitee
  • Southeast Asian Partnership
Akihiro OI CD
  • Webmaster of English Web Site
  • International PBL
  • Student Exchange Program (Europe / America)
  • MOU/Agreements for Partnership
  • European/American Partnership
  • English Language Training Program
  • International PBL
  • Student Exchange Program (East Asia)
  • East Asian Partnership
  • Data Management, etc.
Manami KITA CD
  • Overseas Culture Experience Program
  • Student Exchange Program (Korea)
  • UMAP
  • Document Control, etc.
  • MG = Manager
  • SC = Section Chief
  • CD = Coordinator

Language Learning Center

Since 2012, the Language Learning Center (LLC) at Osaka Institute of Technology has been the home of a community of English language learners.

Whether you have a clear goal for your English language learning or just want to experience English in a comfortable and judgement free environment, the LLC has something for students of all proficiency levels. We offer a variety of services and materials and we can advise you on your way toward meeting your English learning goals.

Visit Official WEB Site to See Our Services

Business Hour / Location


Business Hour

  • Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 19:00
  • Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: Closed



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