Along with the application for student exchange program, OIT is accepting applications for JASSO Scholarship for exchange students from our partner universities who start their research stay at OIT in the 2nd (fall) semester of AY2024.

JASSO Scholarship for Study in Japan under Agreement:

1. Outline of JASSO Scholarship
Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) scholarship is meant for qualified international students accepted by Japanese universities under a student exchange agreement on a short-term more than three months.
(1) Monthly Amount: 80,000JPY
(2) Period of Scholarship: 3 to 12 months
*You must start your program by the end of March 2025.

2. Contents of Scholarship Program offered by OIT
(1) Theme: "Program for Engineering Professionals who Contribute to a Sustainable Society
(2) Program Overview:
This program is designed to foster professionals who can be active in the engineering field with a global perspective by accepting outstanding exchange students from partner universities who wish to conduct research related to the field of engineering that contributes to a sustainable society (SDGs) in our laboratory, where they will conduct joint research with their supervisor and the laboratory.
Exchange students may take regular courses, but those who are only doing coursework are not eligible for this program.

Examples of Research Proposal:
Based on energy harvesting technology, he/she will conduct research focusing on renewable energy, as well as compound synthesis, device fabrication, and characterization necessary for solar cells.
In the field of environmental conservation, for example, he/she will work on "renewable and environmentally friendly surfactants" and "fabrication of plastic substitutes" under the keyword of environmentally friendly manufacturing.
In the laboratory where these themes are carried out, students from different countries work as a team to conduct research, and through discussions on energy and environmental issues in the other country, they aim to understand the culture and history as well as to improve their scientific and technological skills through manufacturing.

3. Application and Selection
First, please check your eligibility on JASSO Web page shown above. Eligible applicants should submit the attached application forms (Application Form for the JASSO Scholarship, Research Proposal Document) in addition to the Application Package for Student Exchange Program to the OIT International Center through the exchange program coordinator of home university. If the applicants successfully pass the document review, we will recommend them to JASSO as candidates for the scholarship.
Submission deadline: March 31, 2024

4. Others
(1) Please be aware that it may take time to match you with a laboratory and to apply for the status of residence, so regardless of whether you are selected or not, the start date of your study abroad may not be in accordance with your wish.
(2) Obligations of Scholarship Recipients:
* Scholarship Recipients must submit reports designated by OIT and JASSO as instructed by OIT International Center.
* Scholarship Recipients must participate in international exchange and volunteer activities requested by the International Center.

We look forward to receiving applications from motivated students.

OIT International Center