About Xport

Commemorative lecture about the Xport's opening by Visiting Professor Tamara Carleton on 23rd April, 2018.
Commemorative lecture about the Xport’s opening by Visiting Professor Tamara Carleton on 23rd April, 2018.

"Xport" is an open innovation hub located in the heart of the city of Osaka, established in 2018, with the collaboration between Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT) and the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry.” It was the first time in Japan that an open innovation hub was built through the cooperation of a university and the Chamber of Commerce. This open innovation hub "Xport", making the best use of a city-center campus, aims at enabling Osaka to produce new businesses and many startups like the Silicon Valley in the United States of America, where companies, professors and students interact with each other every day.

Various activities have been conducted to produce new services and products since the establishment, keeping the diversity with participators including large companies, startups, students, professors, business persons, and global partners.

For now, more than 100 member companies have joined the Xport, and it has attracted attention from many people as a completely new industrial academia joint hub, which fully utilizes the merits of a city-center campus, plays a main role of solving problems at large companies, and gives entrepreneurs maximum support in their capacity development and intellectual property management.

The outline of the Xport

The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT) established an open innovation hub.

Located in Umeda, the center of the Kansai region, which bustles with approximately 2 million people going round per day.

Located on the 8th floor of OIT Umeda Campus, Robotics & Design Center (RDC)

Businesses and services at the open innovation hub

  1. Production of diverse interactive opportunities.
  2. Production of new businesses aiming at solving problems at companies.
  3. Acquisition of the design thinking and enhancement of innovative ability.
  4. Support and training of single-person makers with ideas.
  5. Development of next generation human resources through a real experience of business production.