Message from the President

Enhancing Education and Research and Promoting Greater Awareness as a First-Choice University

Yasushi Nishimura, Ph.D. (Eng.)
President of Osaka Institute of Technology

In 2016 academic year, OIT became the only privately owned university in Kansai to be selected for the Acceleration Program for University Education Rebuilding (AP) in Japan, thanks to our quality assurance efforts aimed at student learning outcomes. The 2019 academic year is the final development year for the program, which we will be advancing throughout the university this year, as students who do not have fundamental academic abilities and basic knowledge cannot give rise to innovation. Last year, OIT was ranked fourth in the 2018 academic year "Graduate Employability Rankings of 240 Universities in Japan" (Daigaku Tsushin, Inc.), with 97.0% of graduates hired. The high level of education we provide is a good part of the reason for that high ranking.

In the area of research, we have several initiatives on the record. Our Osaka Industrial Technology Platform (OIT-P) was adopted in November 2017 as a "2017 academic year Private University Research Branding Project," a system sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to support the development of new products and services from regional companies in the Social Development Category (Type A). At Innovation Japan 2018, a university trade fair held last August, there were 13 cases of research from our university being picked up by private companies, the highest number of any university in the country. This indicates how many advanced researchers we have at OIT. We also held our own trade fair at the Umeda Campus in September last year, OIT Innovation Days 2018, at which more than 200 research and technology seeds were exhibited. We will continue to strengthen such efforts to promote the university's research capabilities. Furthermore, to support the advanced research of professors, it is essential that we encourage students to improve their own research capabilities, so we are engaged in a university-wide effort to boost the percentage of students who go on to graduate-level studies.

We are also working to raise awareness of the Umeda Campus, now in its third year since establishment. I want to use the campus for disseminating information from the university as a whole. Last year on the campus we launched the open innovation hub "Xport" (Cross Port) jointly with the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry to promote collaboration between industry, government, and academia. Xport has developed into a place where students are able to work on solving real-world issues brought in by private companies. We also intend to create a "relearning hub" for working people that makes the most of the campus location.

I would like to make the 2019 academic year a foundation-solidifying year to enable significant advances to take place in both education and research, as the university's 100th anniversary approaches in 2022, and with a view toward our 125th anniversary down the road. Thank you for your continued support in these endeavors.

April 2019