Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT) was founded in 1922, with the mission to develop specialists with science-based practical skills who play an important role for the world, for the people and for the community. OIT has three faculties; Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Information Science and Technology, and Faculty of Intellectual Property, the last of which is the only one of its discipline in Japan. OIT also has their graduate schools which include doctoral courses.
As of May 2016, OIT has 6,745 undergraduate students, 354 graduate students, 287 faculty staff, 149 fulltime administrative staff, and more than 100,000 alumni. OIT has three campuses: Omiya Campus, Umeda Campus, and Hirakata Campus, all located in Osaka prefecture. Umeda Campus is the newly opened in spring 2017 located near the Osaka main station.
OIT has 37 partner institutions in the world. In 2015 academic year, OIT sent out 248 students and accepted 162 students in our study abroad programs.