Department of Architecture

1st Prize of Architectural Diploma Project Contest in 2009
Full size experiment of truss structure, Structure Research Cente
Critique of Students' Architectural Design
Critique of Students' Architectural Design

Architecture is the harmonious combination of engineering and art. The three essential elements of good architecture are firmitas (structural toughness), utilitas (function and usability), and venustas (beauty). That is, to be successful, architecture must be functional, safe, and beautiful, and it must also make us feel comfortable. Furthermore, architecture is expected to protect us from danger of earthquake, typhoon, fire, environmental pollution, and other hazards, and to facilitate the growth of a safe, secure, sustainable, cultured and affluent society.
To carry out our missions, we offer a broad spectrum of special subjects covering architectural history, architectural planning and design, city planning, environmental engineering, building structure, earthquake resistance and disaster prevention, and building materials. In particular, design practices, which are the basis of our curriculum, are offered so that students' acquired knowledge and skill can be focused on creating worthy architectural expressions. Juniors (third-year students) must choose between the planning and design/environmental course, or the structural/ material course, to pursue advanced knowledge and skill. Seniors undertake a graduation thesis or design proposal that uses their comprehensive knowledge and skill. A postgraduate course is also available, to further advance students' abilities.
The origin of Department of Architectural dates back to 1922, and until 1965, it was the only Department of Architecture at a private university in the western part of Japan. Since its foundation, many graduates have taken an active part in society as outstanding architects, building engineers, city planners, researchers, and in other roles. It is noteworthy that quite a few of our graduates annually pass the difficult examination requirements to become qualified architects of the first class. That is one of the main reasons why our department has a reputation as one of the top architectural school in Japan.
Our faculty members, who make great contributions to society, are excellent professional researchers in their fields, as well as outstanding teachers. In the Structure Research Center, large-scale structural experiments are carried out, producing valuable results.

Graduate Course in Architecture

In the graduate course, it will further deepen the ability as an engineer that developed in the undergraduate course. Student in master's course, using the latest building technology and knowledge, you learn to protect humans from disaster of earthquake, typhoon, fire, environmental pollution. We aim to achieve a sustainable and cultural society in a safe and peace of mind. We are preparing a program for achieving these objectives. Students will find themselves the issues of problem, and develop the ability to solve the problem as one of the team.