Department of Biomedical Engineering

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering covers a multidisciplinary field that combines medicine, biology, agriculture, etc. in addition to engineering. There are full-time and specially appointed faculty members who have obtained a degree specializing in each field. We can conduct education and research in a wide range of fields such as life science, medical engineering, and food.

In addition to education and research on biomedical engineering, we are also focusing on manufacturing education based on the "environment and mind of manufacturing" cultivated in the long tradition of 100 years, which is the strength of Osaka Institute of Technology.

A unique "Rotational Laboratory Experimental Course," which is provided in all of the ten laboratories through three sequential semesters in sophomore and junior years, helps students master practical research skills from faculties who have a broad spectrum of biomedical engineering research experience. These programs provide students with knowledge and skills in applied life sciences, and the solid background in engineering that they need to pursue graduate school studies, or careers in the medical, healthcare, and food industries.

We are also focusing on employment guidance and graduate school admission guidance that make use of these.

Graduate Course in Biomedical Engineering

In the biotechnology course, you will acquire the knowledge and methodology that are the basis of biotechnology, and improve the technology for engaging in regenerative medicine, food development, microbial application, and medical device development.

In order to realize regenerative medicine and food development that will support the future society and to make use of them in people's lives, mass-produced technology is required. In this course, we are conducting research with a field of view on future commercialization. By studying medicine, biology and engineering together, it will be possible to conduct research with a field of view on product development. In addition, you will acquire practical skills by conducting numerous experiments using specialized equipment.