Prof. Takuma's Robotics Laboratory

Our department is dedicated to student education that provides the basic knowledge needed by new professionals in a variety of fresh and exciting fields. We achieve this by providing students with broad knowledge and advanced education through carefully designed exercises and experimental programs, including experiments in the Nanomaterials Microdevices Research Center as well as through ordinary lectures. Since our social infrastructures are focused on electrical engineering, our graduates find employment in a variety of fields (not only electrical industries, but also other industries where electrical engineers play important roles).

Since its foundation, our department has continued to grow by flexibly expanding its own fields to include newly-developed interdisciplinary areas. Our education program, therefore, includes broad fields from energy to electronics, and is now classified into three categories: material science and device physics; advanced energy and power electronics; and system control, information and communication systems. The program also covers each interdisciplinary field. Research and educational programs are both fuelled by our passion for tireless dedication, to maintain and advance our reputation as a leading institute.