Department of Robotics

Department of Robotics

Education and research on the synthesis of noble robots
Students in this department acquire knowledge and skills of fundamentals and future of robotics. We focus education and research on these engineering and scientific subjects: mechanical engineering; electronics; control engineering; information engineering; neuroscience; brain machine interfaces and biomedical engineering. Our department aims to develop versatile engineers, creative scientists who can contribute to research and development, or production related to mechanical engineering, electronics, industrial robots, home robots, and other related fields.

Point of learning

Practical Training Teaching the Enjoyment Involved in Manufacturing
The emphasis is placed on a full understanding of the processes involved in manufacturing with the students designing, producing and operating products. Small groups of students systematically implement experiments covering a wide range of research fields to enhance their level of learning in a practical way.

State-of-the-Art Studies Integrating Technology and Design
Nurturing human resources capable of designing robots from the viewpoint of providing support for people via the concepts of mechatronics and design.

Challenging Research in Robotics Across a Broad Spectrum of Themes
There are many themes available, such as surgery support robots that can be operated remotely and welfare robots that provide support for the rehabilitation of the elderly. Incorporates research that aims at a new future featuring the coexistence of humans and robots.