Department of Applied Chemistry

Department of Applied Chemistry

In the context of sustainable development to improve the quality of life, applied chemistry plays a crucial role in advancing science and technology in diverse fields such as energy, the environment, and biotechnology. Our department consists of six fields and our research embraces a wide range of scientific and engineering issues, from basic discovery to advanced applications. Research areas can be categorized into three sections:

  1. Design of functional polymers and/or semiconductors at atomic, molecular, mesoscopic, and macroscopic levels
  2. Development of advanced chemical reaction processes based on "green sustainable chemistry"
  3. Synthesis of novel organic materials and their application to bioscience products and fine chemicals
Field Key words
Synthetic Chemistry Electropolymerization, latent initiator, green catalyst
Organic Functional Chemistry Host-guest chemistry, interlocked molecules, supramolecular chemistry, materials for energy conversion
Advanced Polymer Materials Advanced functional polymers, polymer physics, composite materials, advanced particulate materials, soft dispersed systems
Inorganic Materials Chemistry Nano materials, capacitor, plasmon sensor, photocatalyst, solar cell, ionic conductors, rechargeable battery
Molecular Recognition Chemistry ISE, fluorescent probe, chemiluminescence, pulsed NMR
Materials and Life Chemistry Green synthetic processes, surfactants, natural products, total synthesis

The educational program is designed to develop students' thinking and technical skills that are appropriate for chemical engineers, researchers and other professionals in chemical industries and related areas. Academic staff with sophisticated expertise assist students in their learning of fundamental chemistry and experimental techniques. Students are encouraged to become familiar with international chemical journals and to make dynamic and persuasive presentations before professional audiences.

Major employment fields for graduates

Major employment fields for graduates
Chemicals, medicines, foods, cosmetics, polymers, semiconductors, public servants, public researchers, and teachers.
Percentage of graduate students who were successfully employed: 100% (2015 Academic Year)

Graduate Course in Applied Chemistry

The Department of Applied Chemistry at Osaka Institute of Technology offers graduate degree programs for students interested in concentrating upon their original research in the various fields of chemistry as well as learning advanced chemistry in many kinds of lectures. Students earn a Master's degree and Ph.D. by doing independent research and writing a thesis supported by their mentors. Research fields consist of synthetic, organic functional, advanced polymer, inorganic materials, molecular recognition, and materials and life chemistries. Students are required to complete coursework and pass written and oral examinations in their research topics. The graduated students mainly obtain various positions in industrial laboratories.