Department of Electronics and Information Systems Engineering

The mission of the Department of Electronics and Information Systems Engineering (EISE) is to implement excellence in teaching and cutting-edge research based on the development of electronics engineering. Needless to say, creating an innovative future depends crucially on the electronics technologies. Supported by electronics, the information, communication and system technologies will be vital in many growth areas of the 21st century. EISE graduates, who can design new innovative technologies, will be highly sought after by a wide range of industry and business enterprises. To achieve this, our well-structured curriculum starts with fundamental sciences and proceeds to applied technologies for today’s world.

Subjects are categorized into two principal areas of 1) electronics and 2) information, communication and system technologies. Students study systematically and also explore interdisciplinary subjects to acquire knowledge and skillsets that best meet their own interests. Motivated students are strongly encouraged to enroll in our graduate school and work toward an advanced degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, to further their mastery of advanced courses in specialized areas.