Broaden your horizons, train your body, and study a wide variety of academic subjects to enrich your education and have a sound judgement of things

The Division of Human Sciences in the Faculty of Engineering at OIT provides students with a well-refined curriculum and education in the fields of social sciences and humanities, languages, and physical education. Through the courses, students can learn basic knowledge so that they will acquire a high ability to apply skills needed in a variety of professional fields, and have a sound judgement of things from a wide-ranging point of view.


Fields Subjects
Social Sciences and Humanities Introduction to the Humanities
Basic Writing Skills
History of Art
History of Japanese Language
Jurisprudence (the Constitution of Japan)
Japanese Tradition and Culture
International Relations
Japanese Culture and Society I/II*
Languages Basic English a/b
Oral Communication Ia/Ib/IIa/IIb
Basic English for Technical Communication a/b
Career English Ia/Ib/IIa/IIb
English Presentation a/b
Chinese Communication
Chinese and Contemporary Chinese Studies
Study Abroad
Japanese I/II*
Physical Education Health-Related Physical Education I/II
Lifelong Sports I/II

(*: For foreign students only)